Kind regards Derek Barry.

I’ve suffered with poor vision for over forty years with a bad lazy eye and astigmatism and sick of wearing thick glasses, then onto contact lenses, i decided enough was enough.

I Started looking around on the internet after hearing about interoculor lens replacement surgery,I came across Pragamedica and NeoVize which is the same company and NeoVize the clinic who carried out my eye surgery. The main reason i chose pragmedica was there excellent reviews and i decided to put my trust in their hands.

The doctors carried out extensive tests on my eyes with numerous equipment which took around three hours, to decide what was the best option for my eyes and suggested tri focal inter ocular lens replacement surgery . Which will let me see near and intermediate and distance.

The surgeon Dr Lubomir Tovarek who carried out my operation was excellent he made me feel very relaxed all through the surgery.

The bit i must express is that while you are waiting to go into the operating room, you are in a little room been prepared for the surgery with about two or three other people all waiting for there turn and every ten minutes or so a nurse comes round everyone with local anaesthetic eye drops to numb the eye which is been operated on.

I can assure you the operation is painless you do not feel a thing the surgeon Dr Lubomir Tovarek is so gentle he was fantastic, i cant express my appreciation to him enough.

Because i had very poor vision in my right eye which was my lazy eye the doctors wanted to operate on this eye first, the next morning when i took the patch off i was so overwhelmed with the result i could see perfect for the first, in my life i couldn’t wait to have my other eye operated on, and after the surgery on my left eye, next morning i was worried with my eyes been so bad with my lazy eye, as to the result to expect, i was so worried, i fell asleep that night with my patch covering my left eye, I woke up at about 04.30 in the middle of the morning and my patch had fallen off.

I went to look out of my hotel window to see what i could see i was on the sixth floor and Prague city in darkness only street lights and shops and hotels.

I could not believe how good i could see it was an amazing experience i got dressed straight away and went for a walk through Prague to take in what i could see, My vision was so crystal clear it was the best day of my life, i cant thank everyone enough, at pragmedica and NeoVize they have changed my life forever.

Don,t Hesitate if you are thinking about having this surgery, go to Prague i found the doctors more professional than the opticians in England my experience in England it was all about the money and not the patient and i costs half the price and the doctors and staff at pragmedica and NeoVize was excellent they treat everyone with so much care and professionalism they take care of you all the way from start to finish.

My sincere appreciation to everyone.